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WHY What you Eat IS Important

Our bodies require nutrition to function and food is fuel for our bodies. Nutrition means vitamins, minerals, amino acids, healthy fats, water, carbohydrates. And the food that contains the highest amount of nutrition is whole foods, unprocessed foods. If you don’t give your body what it needs, you will suffer from nutritional deficiencies and subsequent symptoms will arise.

A poor diet at an early age can affect your health not only in the short term (lowered immunity) but also in your long term health.

Eating whole foods, fruit and vegetables may decrease your chance of kidney stones, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer, for example.

There have been cases of people reversing their diseases through diet, people who have autoimmune disease, dementia, and some cancers. Dr Terry Wahls is a medical physician who reversed her MS by eating a Ketogenic diet. Through her protocol, she went from being wheel chair bound, to walking and running. Dr Dale Bredesen has researched and written books on reversing Alzheimer’s through diet, with good success rate. He developed a diet protocol that treats and prevents cognitive decline. In functional medicine, a patient’s lifelong inquiry is made into their diet and lifestyle as these factors have an effect on their health in later years in life; for example women who experience menopausal symptoms (hot flushes, dry skin, hair loss and poor sleep), could have been caused by events that occurred 20 years prior. Hence the earlier years in life pave the way of the health outcome down the track.

Eating a poor diet can lower your energy levels, and it can affect the way you feel and act. Alternative health care practitioners have been applauding the importance of a good diet for a long time. Finally western medicine is recognising the impact of diet on health and disease, including mental health. It is now becoming commonplace in psychiatry (called nutritional psychiatry) that a nutritious diet is great for the brain. So if you want a healthy brain, you need to have a healthy gut.

As we all know, eating well affects your appearance. Not just your waist line, but also your skin, notably your face. If you want less wrinkles, eat more vegetables, more more healthy fats, good quality proteins, and drink lots of water. That is, eat whole foods, real food...It really is that simple.

So what does a good diet do for you? You look better, feel better, sleep better, think better, and live and love better.



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